Created in 2003 by Simon Ravaz, then climbing instructor and NGO manager, eXpression's gone up a lot since! (this is probably the most popular pun in the climbing world.)

We offer climbing holds and volumes for all uses - from educational facilities to World Cup competitions - and in all types of materials: polyester, polyurethane, fiberglass, wood and resin. The full range now includes over 2500 holds and 115 different volumes!

What uplifts us even more is to have the honour of being one of the 4 official hold brands for Tokyo 2020's Olympic Games and to have been supplying the Chamonix World Cup for over 10 years!

Want to know more about eXpression Holds's story ? Go to the dedicated page and you will know everything about us.


At eXpression Holds, we're always happy to help and ready to answer any query you might have.

We're located in southern Brittany - which is also called Kerlifornia, although the average temperature's not quite as warm as in our American counterpart! (please don't ask about the sunshine rate, as we simply won't share this information). 



Who is our Customers' Happiness Officer, looks after your orders from start to delivery - whether you're located in the most remote French village or on a Japanese island! 

She also takes care of aftersales and invoicing, as well as our team's cheerfulness levels - although Thomas' nice cups of tea and unusual playlists also greatly contribute - as do the surf and SUP spots just around the corner of the office!


Who created the company in Saint-Etienne's area in 2003, before moving to the Breton Kerlifornia's coast in search of sunshine in 2015. 

To this day, he's still leading the company and is the brain behind its development.


Who's in charge of marketing and sales in France, abroad and to the infinity and beyond - although, as for Buzz Lightyear, this third line of development is currently on hold).

He's also responsible for the music selection in the office and only plays great sounds - and no, he's not the one who wrote this... well, actually, maybe...